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What is a Sleep Study

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Your Sleep Study: Improve Your Sleep IQ While You Sleep.

More than a diagnosis, it's the first step on the path to treatment

During a sleep study, you stay overnight in a secure, private room equipped with a television. You will start your visit by meeting with a technician who explains the study in more detail. Next, you'll prepare for bed and when you are ready, monitoring equipment is placed in various locations, including your head, chest, abdomen, legs and also beneath your nose. You're then free to read, watch TV and ultimately fall asleep. Once you're asleep, data is collected via video camera and sleep monitoring equipment. Each step of the process is pain free, with no discomfort during or after the sleep study.

The next day, you can resume your typical morning schedule and depart the Center. The data collected during the study will be evaluated by an OhioHealth Board-certified Sleep Physician and reviewed with you during a follow-up appointment. Your primary care physician will also receive a copy of the results.

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