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What to Expect

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Sleep Study: What to Expect

A sleep study is a medical test performed while you sleep at night. The test is used to evaluate and diagnose a sleep disorder. Sleep studies are safe and noninvasive procedures.

We will greet you and escort you to your room. You will have a private room with a television. The night will begin with some paperwork and questionnaires. After the paperwork is completed, you will be asked to change into your sleep clothes.

The setup will up to 45 minutes, and it includes electrodes that will be placed on your head/scalp. You do not need to cut or shave your hair for this test. We use conducting cream that will need to be washed out in the morning with water, shampoo and conditioner. Also, you will have five electrodes taped to your face to record chin and eye movements. There will also be a breathing sensor placed near your nose and mouth to detect breathing, as well as a sensor placed on your neck near your voice box to monitor sounds and snoring. Two electrodes are taped to each leg to record all leg movements. Also, you will have two belts fit over your clothing, around your stomach area to monitor your breathing. Finally, a device will be placed on your finger to record the amount of oxygen in your blood. This process will happen every time you come in for a study.

The study will begin between 9 and 11 p.m. and will last until 5:45 a.m. (unless you are having an MSLT/MWT). During the sleep study, the door to your room will be closed and lights, cell phones and the television are turned off. You will be able to use the bathroom during the night. Your room is monitored and you'll be able to get assistance from the technician during the study. For some patients, based on our policies, after two to three hours you may be asked to try continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), which is a treatment for breathing difficulties during sleep.

In the morning, the wires will be removed. This will take about 15 minutes. You can shower before you leave the sleep center.