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Sleep Studies and Children

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Sleep Studies for Children

When a goodnight story and lullaby are not enough.

High quality sleep is an important part of your child's overall good health. Just like adults, children need to get enough restful sleep to be happy, alert and attentive during the day. A tired child may suffer from medical, developmental or behavioral problems. An overnight sleep study can be done to determine if your child truly has a sleep disorder or just snores at night.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine lists several symptoms that may indicate a problem exists with your child's sleep.

  • Does your child snore, work hard to breath or stop breathing during sleep?
  • Does your child sweat during sleep?
  • Does your child sleep in an awkward position?
  • Does your child move frequently during sleep?
  • Is your child hyperactive (ADHD) or exhibiting aggressive behavior?
  • Does your child have problems in school such as falling asleep or other behavioral problems?
  • Does your child have headaches, particularly in the morning?
  • Does your child wet the bed?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, your child may benefit from a sleep study.

During an OhioHealth Sleep Study, parents can stay in the bedroom with their child. Snacks and breakfast items are available. The test is covered by most insurance and is not painful. Children's sleep studies are available at our Delaware and Westerville locations.